Ikhlas Donates Land to Construct a Women-only Learning Institute

Ikhlas Foundation has donated land to allow for the construction of a women-only learning institute in Tchundwa. This will allow for the relocation of Madrassatul Iklhas to be housed at the same building.

Land donated by Ikhlas Foundation for construction of the Women’s learning institution

In 2016, Ikhlas Foundation started Madrassatul Ikhlas in a temporary classroom in Tchundwa to provide Islamic religious education to women and girls. It started humbly with 15 students but grew steading to now have 35 students. The madrassa has since been growing and needs a bigger and more permanent space. Furthermore, sometimes the hall used by medical camps which disrupts class activities.

A class going on at the temporary room given to Madrassatul Ikhlas to house the students until a permanent facility is found.

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