Progress with Construction of Women’s Learning Centre

The construction of the first women-only Islamic learning institution in Lamu East, Madrassatul Ikhlas, is progressing. Ikhlas Foundation donated land for construction of the centre which will include a prayer hall, bathrooms and wudhu areas, classrooms, a library, offices and a hall for hire wose proceeds will help sustain the madrassa ...
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Mitigating against Coronavirus

The entire world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While no case has been found in Lamu thus far, the County is particularly vulnerable due to it's high poverty levels and poor health infrastructure. To help support preventive measures against the new coronavirus, Ikhlas Foundation has supported awareness campaigns ...
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Mentorship Program for Senior Students

Ikhlas Foundation has initiated a mentorship program with Tchundwa Primary schools where each senior student in grade 8 has been assigned to a volunteer mentor to help support and advice the students as they enter their final year of school. The objective of the mentorships is for the mentor to ...
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2019 Ikhlas Annual Report

We are proud to present to you this copy of The Ikhlas Foundation 2019 Annual Report. The report summarizes the highlights from Fiscal Year 2019, a pivotal year for us in which we focused our efforts on our core mission of promoting education as well as community development, which is ...
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Tchundwa Asili Initiative Volunteers Lead Education Campaign

Volunteers of the Tchundwa Asili Initiative (TAI) Education team have taken leadership in campaigning for improved attendance and participation of students. Since the launching of the TAI Plan, Tchundwa Primary School has seen and increased attendance and return of students who have previously dropped out of school ...
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