Ikhlas Foundation works to improve both secular and non-secular education in Lamu County, especially for women and young girls. This includes through contributing to building schools, madrassa, libraries, bursaries, trainings, as well as providing basic education materials.

Some of the projects that have been undertaken in this area:

  1. Providing support for secular education for girls through sponsorship of needy students through ILHAM Self Help Group Bursary Program, which is now a program under Ikhlas Foundation.

  2. Founding of Madrassatul Ikhlas, established in 2016 at Tchundwa village to provide Islamic religious education to women and girls.

  3. Contributing towards education initiatives including: construction of a new madrassa in Mbwajumwali village and a library at Madrasatul Tawfiq in Tchundwa

  4.  Organising mentoring programs with the aim of encouraging and nurturing a culture that values education and community values. This includes forums with students, teachers, parents, youth and women groups.

You can support our current women and girls education projects here.