Improving Health & Living Environment

Ikhlas Foundation provides support to improve health and living environment in partnership with local institutions through, distribution of clean water, environment cleanup initiatives and other community health projects.

  • Our trustees also act as advisors and provide needed logistical support to the Safari Doctors organisation. Safari Doctors is a community-based organization in Lamu, Kenya. Their mission is to provide innovative, community-driven healthcare solutions that promote well-being for marginalized communities. Ikhlas Foundation supports technical and logistics expertise on their monthly mobile clinics on Pate island, which one of our Trustees, Tahreni Bwanaali, sits on the board.

  • We support cleanups on the island to eliminate plastic bottles and also the distribution of dustbins to help keep Pate island clean.

  • Ikhlas has supported awareness and sanitation campaigns to help the community during the COVID-19 pandemic