Ikhlas Foundation supports development projects in education, health, social and economic well-being in Lamu County, especially of underprivileged communities, orphans, widows, youth and elderly.

  1. Education: Ikhlas is committed to improving both secular and non-secular education in Lamu County, especially for impoverished women and young girls. This includes through building schools and madrassa, bursaries, trainings, as well as providing basic necessities to equip institutions and individuals with the necessary tools to access improved education.
  2. Livelihoods: Ikhlas aims to promote sustainable livelihoods, especially for the vulnerable groups such as women and youth, through helping the individuals acquire the training and skills they need, and access to finance to improve the local economy and create jobs.
  3. Health and Environment: The organization is focused on activities that improve the capacity of local health institutions, distribution of clean water to prevent illness, clean up of the environment, and other community health projects that reduce illness rates and save lives.
  4. MentorshipIkhlas aims to be support mentorship programs in the hope of encouraging and nurturing a culture that values education and community values. This includes forums with students, teachers, parents, and youth and women groups.