Bursary Beneficiaries

Ikhlas Foundations aims to provide support for secular education for girls through sponsorship of needy students.

The following are some of the beneficiaries of bursaries who have been supported by the ILHAM Bursary Program.



My mother and father divorced when I was still young and for this reason my mother could not afford to raise me up. My grandfather was a fisherman and he supported me until he passed away in 2009. This was a hard task for him since I had my elder sister who also depended on him for her secondary fees. And for this reason I would miss school because of fees. I did my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) in 2006 and I qualified to join Lamu Girls Secondary a provincial school in Lamu. This is the time when ILHAM self help group came into my life and sponsored me for four years. From March 2016, ILHAM helped me to secure a job as an Admin Assistant at Safari Doctors – an organization that provides basic health care to remote villages in Lamu.


A resident of Tchundwa aged 27 years. I went to high school at Bahari Girls in Kilifi. I was one of the beneficiaries of bursaries from ILHAM Self Help Group. I am from a needy family and benefited by getting my school fees from form one to form four. ILHAM is a group helping any needy girls from Lamu by catering school fees to secure the life of the girl. I am very thankful to ILHAM for the much effort geared towards my education.


I attained a diploma in procurement and material management. I was sponsored by ILHAM foundation for the first and second semesters. I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to the organisation at large. It’s through the founders and the organization that made me to finish my first and second semester. It is my humble prayer that you may continue extending the same kind of consideration to others. May the Almighty Allah shower you with much blessings.



I am one of the beneficiaries of bursaries from ILHAM Self Help Group. I would like to acknowledge the support from the Group to enable me through my secondary level education. After I completed primary education, my family had a hard task to take me to secondary school simply because of financial constraints. That is when ILHAM sponsored me from form one to form four and with God grace I completed secondary school. I’m now a qualified teacher. I kindly request the organisation to continue to sponsor children who are in need and with that may Almighty God ensure its continuity and sustainability.


I am from Faza village. I come from a needy family which could not raise my school fees. I thank ILHAM organization for taking the responsibility of paying my school fees from form 1 to form 4. I thank God I never faced any challenge. I did a P1 course and right now I am a teacher under TSC. At the same time, I am doing a degree in bachelor of education at Mount Kenya University. I am really grateful to ILHAM and the whole team. Thank you



I am working as a clerical officer in the department of Registration of Person under Ministry of Interior and Coordination of national government – Faza Office. I have completed a diploma in human resource and industrial management. Sincerely speaking ILHAM group really helped me to proceed with my high school learning without any challenges on my fees payment, which was a big challenge to my parents to stand for paying fees for two students at once by that time. Great thanks to Almighty that I completed my four years learning through it support.


I was born on July 31st 1991 in Faza, Lamu Kenya. My mother and father divorced when I was very young. My mother raised me alone. In 1998 I joined a local primary school (Rasini Girls) and I managed to be in the top 3 students in the class. I did my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE)in 2005 and I scored 311 marks out of 500 marks and I qualified to join Lamu Girls Secondary a provincial school at Lamu. This is when ILHAM Self Help Group (CBO), whose mission is to assist and improve girls education in Lamu came in and sponsored me for four years in secondary school. Unfortunately, in end I scored D plus in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2009. I never continued in my education.