Installation of First Digital Library in Lamu East

Ikhlas Foundation is proud to have partnered with Safari Doctors to install the first digital library in Lamu East Constituency at Tchundwa Primary School with sponsorship from H2OpenDoors. Ikhlas assisted in implementation of the program to ensure the technological equipping of the library at the school.

The project includes installation of 4 computers, earphones, modems and data bank for the digital application. The school already have tablets bought by the Government of Kenya to allow for e-learning.

H2OpenDoors donated the 4 computers, funded installation and training through follow-up from Safari Doctors. Ikhlas assisted with logistics locally and leasing with the school, hosting the team and trainers. We will continue to undertake monitoring of the project. As a result of discussion between Ikhlas Foundation and H2O, they have also installed batteries and restored solar connection to the lab.

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