2019 Ikhlas Annual Report

2019 Ikhlas Annual Report

We are proud to present to you this copy of The Ikhlas Foundation 2019 Annual Report. 

The report summarizes the highlights from Fiscal Year 2019, a pivotal year for us in which we focused our efforts on our core mission of promoting education as well as community development, which is core for the overall well-being of society.

In our ongoing effort of providing supplemental support to schools in the rural community of Lamu, we have come to realize there is a lot of lack of motivation in performance of grades, a lack of adequate incentive and training opportunities for teachers, and a lack of adequate resources. We therefore prioritized core activities in that sector through the equipping and renovation of Tchundwa Primary School library, partner on installation of First Digital Library in Lamu East, exposure tour for teachers, an incentive program for primary school students, and a mentorship program for senior primary school students.

We appreciate the generous support of Royal African Safaris, Safari Doctors, H2OpenDoors, Mohammed Zubedi, Halal Safaris, the Tchundwa Primary School, and the local community for helping us realize the above. Equipping and improving the capacity of the students, teachers and school at large is instrumental in the improvement of education standards in the region.

In 2019, we also focused on building community consensus on their priorities and needs. This is the first undertaking that we have piloted in Tchundwa village where a strategic plan was developed through a participatory and consultative process, known as the Tchundwa Asili Initiative.

In our report, we give a summary of the services provided in 2019, as well describe the organizations’ mission and objectives as it relates to our core functions of inspiring and assisting in the advancement of education, livelihoods, health and living environment in Lamu.

As always, we need more volunteers. As you read the report, feel free to think of areas where you might want to become involved. We have many areas that need more attention and time. 

Thank you for your support. Without our Ikhlas Friends and Family, we wouldn’t be where we are today.


Tahreni Bwanaali, Trustee

Download PDF Report Here.

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